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Rainbow Dash sketch gift for my niece's nameday by lIKrisziuMIl Rainbow Dash sketch gift for my niece's nameday :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 1
UC: Hell on Earth
(Introduction part 2)
With most of humanity left behind, all remaining resources after the refugee project were poured into building vaults. Time was short. Instead of starting from scratch, in most cases, deep military complexes and other wartime shelters were expanded to take in many times more people than they were originally bulit for, able to sustain themselves without having to be in contact with the surface.
Most of humanity was secured this way, however not everyone could be saved. Some volunteered to give up their place, others were simply denied entrance.
Once the absolute limit was reached, the vaults have closed their doors, one after the other, each killing the hope of many still in line to enter.
The asteroid has landed in the Ural Mountains. With it, it brought immense energy, heat and power which quickly vaporized some of the earth's water, dropping worldwide water level by many meters, and resulting in a thick cloud layer covering the skies across the globe. The result
:iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0
UC: Escape from disaster
Hi everyone, this piece is supposed to be an introduction of the ships I have created. They have been a rather dear project of mine and I thought I could make some background info on them, which could turn into a neat little story. Comments are welcome, have fun.
In the 24th century, a large meteorite was detected on a collision course with Earth. After all attempts of averting the inbound disaster have failed, two plans emerged which would ultimately end up dividing humanity: leaving the planet behind, or building shelter.
Unfortunately, there simply weren’t enough resources and time to evacuate the whole planet. Many had to stay behind, while a small portion was granted the journey to the closest earth-like planet, with equipment and numbers to keep the human race from extinction should the worst come to pass. Millions were evacuated. Billions left behind. The scope was great, yet not great e
:iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 1
'Intimate' by DJP15 (now with a bio) by lIKrisziuMIl 'Intimate' by DJP15 (now with a bio) :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 4 0 Practice by lIKrisziuMIl Practice :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 1 0 Copy page 15 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 15 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0 Wild horse sketch by lIKrisziuMIl Wild horse sketch :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0 Copy page 14 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 14 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0 Copy page 13 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 13 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0 Copy page 12 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 12 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 1 0 Copy page 11 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 11 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0 Copy page 10 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 10 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0 Copy page 9 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 9 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 1 0 Copy page 8 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 8 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0 Copy page 7 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 7 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 1 0 Copy page 6 by lIKrisziuMIl Copy page 6 :iconlikrisziumil:lIKrisziuMIl 0 0
A new semester has started. It's pretty quiet for now, which I'll enjoy till it lasts.

I picked up quite a few new animes, and started an anime list to keep track of them.

Videogames haven't been kind to me. I keep having bad luck in War Thunder, and Ultimate Apocalypse (A Dawn of War mod) is struggling with balance issues.
The PC re-release of Vanquish was dope though. Too bad it didn't last long.
I am waiting for the day Star Citizen finishes so I can actually play it, but the much better weapons and UI of Elite Dangerous is slowly winning me over.
I've also recently discovered Quake Champions, but it didn't really grip me with anything aside from the Doom player model and its skins.

I've recorded some gameplay of various games which I found enjoyable. Check it out on my channel:…

I'll eventually get around to writing the backstory for my other ocs. Fleshing them out helps figuring out just what kind of people I want them to be.
That's all for now.
See you later!
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